Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Course Participation Grade

Twenty percent of this Course is given for Participation: you get 20% of the Course grade for free, simply for showing up.

In concrete terms, you receive 20% of the Course grade if you arrive on time, attend all lectures, contribute constructively to each class discussion, and make regular weekly tweets to the Twitter hashtag #vancouverliterature. At the end of Term, the Instructor will review your accumulated tweets to confirm your good work.

The Twitter component provides an objective way to empirically establish the student's engagement with the Course lectures, material, and assignments. Do the following:

  1. Use or create a personal account on Twitter.com
  2. List your Twitter ID by adding a Comment via Blogger to this post.
  3. From time to time each Course week, tweet to the hashtag #vancouverliterature
  4. Take no more than a few seconds for each tweet. 
  5. Make your tweets relevant to your engagement with the Course, informally and informatively.