Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Course Outline

LIBS 7026
Vancouver Literature--Talk, Text, Twitter in Terminal City

Upon completion of the Course, the student will be able to identify the component characteristics of the novel and the short story, be able to recognise them in their place, be able to judge the degree of their successful function in the particular work, and be able to evaluate the artistic quality of the whole work. That is, the student will have developed the basis for literary criticism and discernment.

Of the particular setting of the books under study in the Course, the student will come to possess knowledge of the lived history, people, and--most importantly--character of the City of Vancouver. Although character, or 'personality', or, even, identity, is an ineffable, indefinable, and inexact aspect; it is nonetheless real--very real--and it is nowhere better expressed (indeed it is nowhere better created) than in literary fiction.

Beside reading, analysing, and discussing the books and short stories on the course syllabus, the student will meet and listen to some of authors, and visit and appreciate the places and settings upon which the texts are best.

And, as the Final Cause, upon completion of the Course, the student will have gained a transformative experiential understanding of Vancouver which will enable him to optimally involve the civic dimension in his future business, professional, community, and political engagements in the city. 


Wilson, Ethel: The Innocent Traveller
Kogawa, Joy: Obasan
Mills, John: Runner in the Dark
Coupland, Douglas: jPod
Gurjinder Basran: Everything was Good-bye

20% Productive participation
20% Mid-term Examination
25% Group Online Project
35% Final Examination

To receive credit for this course you must complete all requirements.

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