Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Professional Benefit of the Course

This course is designed to help Vancouver business and technology professionals in two ways.
1.]  The better a manager learns and understands the character of his team, the better the manager. The better the marketer learns and understands the character of the client, the more successful the marketing. The better the technologist understands the character of the potential market for a new product, the more profitable the product research and development.
    • Cities each have their unique character and background history, just like your your best friends do. Think of Paris, London, Mumbai, Tokyo, Mexico City, Beijing: we immediately think of each of them in terms of their special identifying character.
Using stories from good writers, LIBS 7027 enables the student to learn and understand the individual character of the City in which they will be practicing their business or technological career. And in this as in many things, knowledge is power.
    2.]  Effective reading is an indispensable hard skill in business and technology. The link between reading power and professional power is direct. LIBS 2027 teaches practical techniques for successful reading: strategies and practice in skills for reading:
      • in a time-effective manner
      • to identify and extract major information and ideas.
    Learn Vancouver's character to succeed in your future experience with our City.

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